Healthy U Fitness strives to become a globally recognized fitness company by providing top quality coaches, nutrition programs, and education for our clients and the communities we serve to help create a healthier lifestyle. We provide top of the line equipment and the best quality trainers in the area. The atmosphere at Healthy U will leave each client feeling like it’s their new home away from home. It’s a place of community, friendship, and furthering your knowledge within the health and fitness industry.

It goes beyond just a one on one Healthy U Training session. Each person that steps through our doors will gain value that will impact everything they do outside of Healthy U Fitness. It's about riding out your best quality of life.

From our top quality trainers and equipment, Healthy Fitness is here to help each individual begin a path to their healthiest, happiest and most fit lifestyle yet! 

Who better to take that journy with us? Cause with us, U come first!


1291 Penn Avenue, Reading, PA, 19610​

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