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Coach Danny

Coach Danielle is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Media Production. Her personal fitness career led her to complete three marathons, including Boston, and two NPC Bikini Competitions. She strives to connect her experience and knowledge within her personal fitness growth to help others overcome obstacles within their daily routine. 

Coach Danielle understands how treating fitness with a lack of respect can spiral into a competitive, addictive and obsessive mindset. 

Her deep root of viewing sports as an “all-in, all-out” mentality during high school, expedited her to an isolation state where eating disorders signified control. Entering college she realized how her body’s worth and how self worth truly affects her growth in life. She faced several physical and mental abusive obstacles throughout her life which led her to break free and finally decide to take control of her life. 

Her breakthrough moment is rooted within Healthy U Fitness. She believes Healthy U Fitness is the first fitness platform to break the mold and truly educate and protect each individual that walks through the doors. What started out as a simple training session with her now business partner, Warren, led her to wanting to understand herself more in order to help others. She grew hope in the fact that if one person can help her battle her inner demons, then an entire team of Healthy U Fitness’ coaches can truly change the fitness industry by helping each individual break barriers deep within them.


—  Danielle, Owner/Coach

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